Scilly Maid Chocolate was formed in 2014. With Carmen’s love of chocolate it all fell into place. A local was leaving the islands and giving up her business which allowed me to take on the chocolate equipment. After much discussion, whilst on Bryher, of various business names, my husband Todd came up with the name ‘Scilly Maid Chocolate’.
Thereafter, we had fun sampling the many types of chocolate with family, friends and my B&B guests.
MORE COCOA – LESS SUGAR became a priority in all my products. Belgian, Peru and Venezuela were my chosen sources of chocolate.

My love of foraging has lead to some locally sourced flavours together with peoples favorites – many hours carefully picking Scilly Wild Gorse Flower from prickly bushes, whilst out with Daisy Dog also beach combing includes collecting Scilly Sea Lettuce in some select areas around the Islands. Foraged products are microbiology tested for safety. Also I use Scilly Sea Salt sourced from a local business based on St Martin’s.